Sworn Sword In Service Of House Jasper


Silver hair typical of those of Valyrian descent. His mutism and careful movements create a quiet presence that is unnerving to some.



Maelys entered the service of House Jasper about 20 years earlier. No one has ever heard him speak and his illiteracy has made communication near impossible. He tends to use hand gestures and grunts to communicate his meaning. He is known as Maelys simply because upon his arrival at Snownook he offered Lord Ronnel a letter addressed to a “Maelys” forbidding him from returning home; the message was signed simply “father”. Many have suggested that the letter may have belonged to another (because a letter to an illiterate man would accomplish little). Over the years Maelys has demonstrated some skill with his great sword both in sparring and in battle suggestive of training by a master-at-arms in his youth. He is referred to as ser as a point of respect; none are sure if he has taken his vows. Maelys has the favor of Lord Ronnel and Lady Alys. He cares little for company. He is sometimes attended by Wyman and Willas Waters but mostly prefers to tend to his own needs.

Maelys was selected by Lord Teddy to accompany a party (also consisting of Calaila, the Maester, and the Bard) on a mission to Gulltown in 282 AC. While exploring a cave system while sheltering from a storm Maelys aided the others and dispatching a duo of brigands. Later, at the urging of Lord Teddy and the Maester, he executed a shadowcat they had drugged. Calaila comforted him as he shed a tear afterward.

One week later Maelys waited outside a Gulltown tavern while his companions went inside in search of a clue. The party had lost the trail of Rodrick’s spy contact. A shout escaped the entrance and Teddy bust outside just after, sprinting away from the tavern. His pursuer emerged a moment later and Maelys dispatched him with a single blow from his greatsword. The stranger’s head rolled back inside while blood from his neck stained the ground at Maelys’ feet.

The group was joined by Jardon, Carsen, and Darron. Days later as they trekked through a mountain pass, lead by Nestor Royce, the were set upon by a band of mountain clansmen who kept painted wolves as a part of their force. Maelys protected the flank from the wolves and came through the conflict unharmed. The entire party escaped intact, but some were wounded. A few days later they reached their destination, Heart’s Home and took bread and salt upon arrival, securing guest right. Then Maelys accompanied Ser Darron to the practice yard to negotiate with Lyn Corbray. After words failed Maelys bested him with sword; in doing so he secured Lyn’s voice in favor of neutrality in the looming conflict at Gulltown. At the Battle of the Bells Maelys was tasked with protecting Robert, which he did so admirably until Maester Thaddues called him into the streets of Stoney Sept. One there Targaryen soldiers drew down upon him. Maelys was wounded but survived thanks to Robert’s intervention when the bells began to toll.

After his return from serving as Lady Alys’s sworn shield the Battle of the Trident Maelys did participate in two of the contests held by Lord Ronnel to fill the vacant master-at-arms position… however he was not in consideration for the position. He took part in the joust and the melee. The former was for duty. The latter was for pratice. He cut Viktor down in the opening moments, killing him. Those who watched saw a brutal killing while those who watched more closely saw there may have been more to it.

During the"Assault on Dragonstone": he climbed the eastern curtain wall with the other knights of House Jasper. His greatsword, SIlence, was blur, as he cut down guardsmen with a fury. He stayed on the ground level with Perin and Samwell to buy Darron, Jardon, and Carsen time to scale the immense castle wall. By the end of the battle he was covered in blood, none of it his own.

Maelys traveled north with Teddy, Dolins, and Calaila in April of 284 AC to subdue a rogue knight. The rogue has been terrorizing the small folk of House Baelish while wearing the sigil of House Jasper. Maelys was wounded, but with aid from Calaila and Dolins the trio subdued the knight and unmasked him as Ser Gyles. Maelys then accompanied Theodore to House Baelish where Baelish was informed that the knight had been caught; while there Teddy also sent a raven to Lord Arryn requesting his presence at the man’s trial.

After a trial of seven was ordered by Lord Jasper to resolve the issue of whether Ser Cortnay had murdered Ser Hoster Woodhull in a joust the accused and the accuser (James Woodhull) set about recruiting champions to fight for their causes. Maelys agreed to fight for James. Maelys quickly went on the offensive, forcing Ser Phillip and Ser YorenYoren “The Yellow” to withdraw.

Under Lord Jasper’s direction Maelys treated a nervous Ser Darron for wounds sustained in the start of a “false flag” operation on Lynderly land in the waning days of 285 AC. Maelys healed the older knight, demonstrating some small healing abilities.

Ser Maelys was among those who scaled the walls to raise the gate for the ‘Storming of Snakewood’. He played the part of prisoner, not too convincingly as the party made its way across the ramparts. He bravely and dutifully and was wounded in the fighting to take the gatehouse.


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