Maggie Rivers


An attractive young woman with dark hair and large, light eyes.


She works with Masha Heddle at the Crossroads Inn in the Riverlands. She appears to have a grievance with Orvyle Whent, as she was seen quietly, but angrily, speaking with him when he brought a group of strangers to the inn.

Calaila learns that Maggie’s father is of House Wayn while speaking to her in the Inn’s dining room. She left home after becoming fed up with being looked down upon as a bastard. She explained that she had been engaged to wed Orvyle after knowing him a brief time. That came to an end when he broke off their relationship in the very inn they now stand in. Masha hired Maggie after witnessing her misfortune.

Strong evidence supported that Maggie had murdered Orvyle via tainted sourleaf she had served him. She was brought to Walter Whent to face justice by Bronn. Her head was mounted on a pike above the main gate afterward.

Maggie Rivers

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