Mandon Moore

A knight of the Kingsguard


A loner by nature, Mandon is cool toward others and is inscrutable. His pale grey eyes are oddly flat and lifeless. Since swearing his oath he has taken to wearing the while scale and cloak of his order.


Canon Background

He was a combatant in the sunset melee at the tournament celebrating the royal marriage of Robert Baratheon and Cersei Lannister. He was the last man standing thus was declared winner of the contest.

At the Spring Tourney of 288 AC Ser Mandon accompanied Lord Arryn home to the Vale. He served as the ‘Champion of the Sun’; his reputation appeared to deter many would be challengers. That was true until Ser Darron’s turn. He chose to challenge Kings Guard and his boldness paid off. Ser Darron managed to defeat Mandon, making many a man who had bet on him as a long shot a small fortune. Darron forewent the customary ransom and instead asked Mandon’s forgiveness for a jape he had made at Mandon’s mother’s expense… and also for a tour of the White Tower.

Mandon Moore

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