Marq Farman

Captain on the H.R. Broke Blade


Marq is a slight man of middle age. His clothing is generally of high value, if somewhat rumpled and frayed from weeks spent at sea. Most of his fingers bear gaudy rings.


Calaila encountered Marq Farman and Bolose (two of Captain Derblah’s officers) speaking in hushed tones in vessel’s hold en route to Valyria by way of Volantis. The pair initially clammed up but when Calaila shared her reservations of the expedition to Valyria they ventured that they too harbor great fear. Ashore in Volantis, the officers, Calaila, and ten other crew decided that the vessel could not sail to Valyria and that they would mutiny and kill the captain the following night if he continued on the planned course. They also implied that the House Jasper party could face a similar fate if they remained committed to their expedition.

Farman said a prayer and oversaw the captain’s burial at sea after informing the crew that he had passed in his sleep. He then announced that the H.R. Broke Blade would sail on to Slaver’s Bay. Calaila and Teddy convinced him to deposit them back in Volantis, in exchange for 50gd, before sailing east to Slaver’s Bay. For all intents and purposes Marq appeared to have taken on the mantle of captain.

Marq Farman

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