A singer from Jasport


Martin grew up in Jasport and his singing was a favorite of the locals. This talent brought him to the Bardic College and he was one of the first students after its founding. He is close with his parents Roman and Rose.


Martin was among the students who briefly left the Bardic College in 287 AC in favor of a life serving The Seven (and Utt and Olive). He returned with the others when Dolins pursued the missing students.

When Dolins addressed the staff and students of the Bardic College in May of 288AC he made an impassioned plea for their support in stopping the construction of a nearby sept by any means. He was fairly convincing, with six people pledging to support him, including Martin. He also assists in the second sabotage attempt at the sept, during what would become known as Ser Jamie’s Tourney. Their efforts were aimed at destroying the mortar and some of the support structure of the unfinished walls. A number of members of the Order of the Darkwash were involved as well.


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