Mya Elesham

Lady Regent and mother of Lord Elesham


Lady Mya’s brunette hair has gone to grey. She prefers to dress in fine silks and furs as she did in Gulltown, though her wardrobe does appear out of place on Paps.


Lady Mya was born to House Shett but when she reached the age of majority she wed the aged Lord Elesham. She bore her husband three children, Ella, Emmon, and Elmo. After her husband and his heir, Emmon, died fighting for royalist forces in the Taking of Gulltown she assumed Regency in her lord son’s name. Tensions had steadily risen between House Elesham and their cross-island rivals, House Woodhull since the end of the war. In 284 AC she dispatched a rider to Woodhull bearing a letter requesting a parlay. The man did not return and days later Mya feared him captured by the old and prickly Hoster Woodhull. Later a party from House Jasper arrived. The motley crew struck a bargain with Mya. They would investigate her rider’s disappearance and support peace on the isle. They would also take Ser Phillip into their service and foster her son until he reaches the age of majority. Mya agreed, believing Elmo would be safer off the isle. When she realized that Ella may have stowed away on the vessel and that both her children were gone her mood became stormy.

She was present in the Tower of the Hand when Jon Arryn appointed House Jasper as Marshall of the FIngers and the Isles on the day Robert Baratheon wed Cersei Lannister. She made no secret of her pleasure at the appointment and likely appeared haughty to the other nobility gathered. Her son stood by her side during the ceremony.

By 286 AC it had been about to years since Mya last saw her children when a delegation from House Jasper (Lord Teddy, Ser Darron, Ser Carsen, and Ser Dolins) arrived on Paps. They gave reports of her children doing well at Snownook with Darron speaking to Ella’s prowess as a warrior and Teddy speaking to Elmo’s growth. The visitors explained to Mya that they came seeking her support in a military show of force to discourage Lynderly aggression over a dispute with House Thorne. Mya explained that she could not send soldiers ashore without secured peace on Paps. The uneasy truce brokered with House Woodhull by House Jasper in 284 AC had not held long. Petty aggression has been rampant on the isle. A peace conference was set for two days in the future under House Jasper’s protections with Carsen staying behind to escort Mya while the others traveled to Woodhull.

At the second attempt to negotiate peace on the island Mya arrived not under the flag of truce, but with soldiers. Ser Argyle commanded the troops and arrested Ser James Woodhull after a brief singles combat. Mya ordered James imprisoned in a room at First Light and with the support of Ser Carsen elevated Iggy to the position of Knight of Woodhull, to oversee those lands as her puppet. She also agreed to support House Jasper in their anticipated war with House Lynderly agreeing to send forces from Paps (under command of Ser Argyle) to Snownook.

At the Spring Tourney of 287 AC Lady Mya apprached Teddy Jasper in the box seats the nobles were congregating in. She began by apologizing for Ella’s rash decision to depart Snownook… and made some disparaging comments about mystery knights. She also updated Teddy on the state of Paps (Ser James remain jailed [growing madder by the day] and Iggy is a suitable puppet at the Woodhull fort). She was concerned that the “Woodhull Girl” remains unaccounted for, as she could become a threat as she grows older. Finally, she warned that Teddy would do well to avoid her good-brother, Lord Pryor, still wrathful because of Perin’s death.

A few months would pass before a raven arrived from Lady Mya. Her message stated that there was a rumor that Asha Woodhull may be hiding out in Jasport. Wishing to prevent future conflict, the Jaspers went in search of the girl but found nothing.

At the tourney on Pebble in 288 AC Lady Mya had the misfortune of meeting Clink Rivers on the morning of the final day. She and Iggy had been speaking with optimism about the promise Lord Pryor had as the new Marshall of the region before the discourse dissolved into trading barbs. That evening Lady Mya collapsed in the Lord’s box, dead before her head hit the ground.

Mya Elesham

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