Nail Yesikov

A young menacing stallion of a man. Bald and scarred up, it is clear that this man knows nothing more than violence in his life


A Young Beserker Norvosi Slave Soldier Warrior, “Serve, Protect, Obey ’’ Branded Visibly on Chest (in Norvoshi), Along with a Huge Axe Tattoo, a notable aspect of slave soldiers “wedding” their weapon. He is Bald, and has a short braided beard. He is also extremely tall and muscular (but mildly lanky), reaching a stature of almost 7 feet tall!!! He is consistently seen sharpening his longaxe, keeping it as sharp as possible, even when there is no threat around.


Nail Yesikov has known nothing other than fighting, killing and violence. He was sold in to slavery at the age of 3 by his parents in Norvos, and trained from then on. While in servitude, he was known for his extremely menacing demeanor and having the most kills of Lorathi Warriors of any of his battalion. He eventually became part of the guards, the men who would guard the Beearded Priests themselves.

This is where Nail met Gregoriy Al-Tem. Before this point, Nal had always been on edge, a bit off kilter, a bit of a psychopath by our standards, but it is Gregoriy, whom Nail was in charge of protecting, that calmed Nail down. Perhaps by his mere presence, but Nail consistently insists that it was Gregoriy used his magical abilities to heal his unsettled nature.

Commited to “Serve, Protect, and obey”, he left Norvos when Gregoriy did. Nail will continue to serve Gregoriy in this capactiy, but the other memebers of the Order of the Darkwash consider him to believe as well.

He is grateful to mentored by Avros Yolkin, who has taking a liking to Nail as well as teaching him. Nail has learned much in the ways of axe fighting from Avros, and also in terms of being a normal human being and assimilating into cultures outside of Norvos.

Nail Yesikov

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