Nestor Royce

High Steward of The Vale and Lord of The Moon Gates


Nestor is a massive, barrel-chested man.


Canon Background

In 282 AC Nestor met Calaila, Maester Thad, Teddy, and Dolins in a tavern and then rendezvoused with Jardon, Carsen, and Ser Darron at a pier in Gulltown and told them to follow him quickly as there was danger afoot.

Lord Royce accompanied the party above to Heart’s Home on a diplomatic mission to House Corbray. In a mountain pass the party was beset by the Painted Dogs during a squall. Nestor performed well in the fray, though typically he prefers words to swords. When they approached the ruined Shellfort days later Nestor let it be known that he was spent and retired quickly as his companions approached an old woman encamped in the ruins. Upon reaching Heart’s Home he negotiated with Lord Lucian, while the lordling of House Jasper observed. He was able to bargain for the support of House Corbray in exchange for his resignation as steward of The Vale. Lord Lucian covets the position for himself to enhance his family’s standing. After a week spent recuperating at Heart’s Home Nestor departed for The Twins to treat with Walder Frey.

After the double wedding at Riverrun in 283 AC Nestor sought out Darron, Carsen, and Jardon. He had information that a supply caravan was traveling from Highgarden to reinforce the siege of Storm’s End. Nestor tasked the three warriors with taking a small force of House Jasper and House Thorne soldiers to disrupt the caravan. The trio agreed and even persuaded Nestor in joining them! Nestor rode south with his companions and aided them in capturing the caravan’s outriders (Wilber, Wilbert, and Wendall) and interrogating them. Nestor lead a unit during the skirmish to take the caravan and suggested that the supplies could be used to reinforce Stannis Baratheon (their ally on the other side of the siege). Nestor then departed, having been wounded in the frays and having had his fill of battle.

Nestor met the knights from House Jasper (including Jardon) as they entered the great hall of House Grafton in 284 AC. After exchanging pleasantries he guided the men across the hall, crowded with many lords and knights of the Vale and the Riverlands and the Stormlands, and introduced them to Lord Stannis Baratheon. Nestor explained that Lord Baratheon would be commanding the assault on Dragonstone.

Nestor accompanied Jon Arryn in his lordly progress throughout The Vale in 284 AC, stopping at Snownook in March.

At the trial of Ser Gyles at Snownook in June of 284 AC Nestor advised Lord Arryn that he believed Gyles had acted alone.

In the thoroughfare of the tournament at Snownook in 285 AC Brynden and Nestor were speaking of the state of the Vale’s defenses when they were come upon by Calaila. They explained that between the two of them they had confidence in the Bloody Gate protecting the Vale and the Gates of the Moon protecting the Eyrie. However, both men voiced concern that the region was vulnerable from the sea. They asked Calaila to whisper in Lord Jasper’s ear, guiding him to bolster House Jasper’s army and navy.

On December 2nd 286 AC. Nestor Royce attended the wedding of Teddy Jasper and Jana Lynderly. As High Steward of The Vale he made it his mission to ensure the wedding went off without a hitch and that the terms were respected. He was able to ensure that the 500gd sanction was paid to House Lynderly but was troubled when Teddy and Carsen were unable to produce Zane Thorne (who was scheduled to begin his service as Lord Lynderly‘s squire that day). Carsen eventually revealed that Zane had taken passage on a ship to seek out a gift for Lord Lynderly. Nestor decreed that House Thorne’s tin mine would be under Lynderly control until Zane’s service began.

At the Spring Tourney in 288AC Nestor acted as steward of the contest and ‘caller’ throughout, announcing each challenger as they faced the champions. He registered Ser Dolins and Ser Darron for the contest and secured Dolins’s services for an opening song.

In July of 288 AC Nestor visited Teddy Jasper and shared that the house had been stripped of their title, Marshall Of The Fingers & The Isles. He was regretful, but firm. The decision was attributed to the Storming of Snakewood, Master-At-Arms Ser Darron’s past indiscretions, and Ser Carsen’s letter of no faith in the house. House Pryor had been granted the title, but time, deed, and valor could see it restored to the Jaspers.

Nestor Royce

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