Ogden Borrell


A massive man, Og sports close cropped bushy black hair and a long black beard. He has the webbed fingers distinctive of Sistermen. Scars are present across his flesh.


His father is Godric Borrell, Lord of House Borrell. He has a daughter named Gella. His great size has cause many to fear him and tread lightly in his presence. Og has come to see the reservations of others as judgement and coldness; this has fostered bitterness within him. He is imposing to those who do not know him. He wears many hats in Sweet Sister serving as the Master-At-Arms and gaoler, as well as the executioner when it is called for. Og prefers to fight without the encumbrance of armor, with a great war hammer in his hand and a shield on the opposite arm.

In 282 AC Ogden was chosen as House Borrell’s champion when some ship-wreckers accused of treason demanded trial by combat. He faced Ser Darron in a grueling match of martial arts and skill. He appeared to have the upper hand until a voice cried out that his lord father was in danger in the chamber above. Og tried to subdue his foe so that he might break in the door to the pit and aid his lord father. Before he was able to another of the accused dropped into the pit armed with a Borrell sword. Lord Borrell soon joined his son in the pit making it an even match. By the end of the trial Ogden could barely stand and was covered in blood, tip to toe. When the accused offered terms of surrender they were accepted by Lord Godric as his son and heir would not likely survive further violence.

Og participated in the tournament melee at Snownook in 285 AC. En route to winning the contest Og eliminated more than a half dozen participants with his warhammer. One of them was Jardon Pyke, whose armor was utterly destroyed by the devastating blows Og dished out.

Ogden Borrell

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