Olenna Tyrell

Dowager Lady of Highgarden


Lady Olenna is in her sixties with white hair and very small. She has soft, spotted hands with gaunt thin fingers. Olenna has an old woman’s sour breath and has lost her teeth. Olenna walks with a cane and claims to be near deaf, but both might be part of her feigning to be more frail than she actually is. Olenna rarely shies from stating her opinion. She is described as a wizened, cunning old woman with a wicked wit and a sharp tongue, earning her the moniker ‘Queen of Thorns’.


Canon Background

Lady Tyrell met with the visiting delegation from House Jasper in October of 285 AC in her son’s solar at High Garden. The visitors thought only to pay their respects but Mace surprised them by demanding recompense for the slaying of Ser Leo Tyrell during Robert’s Rebellion. Lady Olenna suggested that the Jaspers may be able to make amends by assisting Lady Arwyn Oakheart with a matter that she has been petitioning House Tyrell about.

Olenna Tyrell

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