Carsens Wife


A commoner of the Vale, Olira is of average height, pretty, with golden brown hair. She has light blue eyes and a warm smile she has a welcoming presense.


Olira was born into a farming family tied to the lands of house jasper. Being on the bottom of the social pyramid is never easy, but in the lands of House Jasper it was worse than many places. Raids from the mountain clansmen were all too frequent, and many homesteads were burnt out. She had many siblings, but the winters were rough and not all of them made it. She met Carsen Thorne at the market in Castle Snow Nook and they hit it off immediately. When Carsen asked her father for her hand in marriage she was thrilled, and her father said yes immediately. His daughter would escape her tether to the land and become part of a free family.

The past 14 years have been wonderful. A womans touch has gone a long way to the homestead. The crops have been good, and the flock of sheep has grown considerably. 4 children have brought her more joy than she could have ever imagined. Olira enjoys her husbands wit and joking ways. He keeps the farm safe, and does what he can to keep her happy and safe.

Olira received a message from Summer in May of 288 AC that House Thorne’s miners were to be conscripted, on orders, from the crown, to help in the building of a sept on the site where the Andals first landed. With Carsen away Olira did her best to manage the situation. Olira inquired of a tax break, but was deflected by Summer. She went on to pass the message to Red and the next day the miners were at the site of the sept.


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