A Yellow-Robed Septa


Olive is an attractive young woman who has traveled with Septon Utt as his right hand for several years. She wears a yellow robe, a rather unusual choice for a Septa. She is quiet in both volume of voice and volume of words.


On one relatively pleasant winter’s day Olive was supervising her flock as they worked at constructing a sept near Jasport. It was a June day in 287 AC when a curious rider (Summer) happened upon them and asked what they were doing. Olive replied “we’re building a sept” and explained that it was ordered by the father himself. Work progressed for several weeks until house Jasper caught wind of it and a delegation, led by Ser Dolins and Gregoriy Al-Tem, put a stop to it by sending the workers (including Sage and Martin) back to their lives. Not all were against them though, Ser Darron seemed interested in supporting the effort and even spent most a day aiding the construction. Olive warned that the matter was not at its end as they parted ways.

The pair (Olive and Septon Utt) returned with protection from the Iron Throne, by way of Jamie Lannister, in May of 288 AC. She and Summer appeared to share a fondness for horses and Olive disclosed in one conversation that the sept in the Fingers was being built under direction from Luceon. One night, a month or so later, Olive watched in horror as an assassin killed Utt in the darkness of night. The killer said “tell no one of this. Leave the area or I will come for you and everything you love.” Olive was then hampered by her tent collapsing as the mystery man fled. She departed the next day, abandoning her charge, a mere suggestion of what the sept should have been.


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