Orvyle Whent

Son of Lord Whent


A rugged looking man with long brown hair, a beard flecked with grey, and a piercing gaze.


The third-born son of Walter Whent, he seems to spend much time in the wilderness and among the smallfolk of his family’s vast holdings. A frequent visitor of the Crossroads Inn, Orvyle brought a group he had rescued from a bandit attack there one winter night. They identified themselves as: Maybe, Terrance, Ballins, an unnamed handmaiden and Maester. Orvyle retired early that evening, after the bard completed his first song. Prior to that he had rather poor interactions with Bronn, Maggie, and Masha. In the morning he was discovered by “Maybe” to be dead; covered in feces and vomit in his room.

Maester Thaddeus examined him and determined that sourleaf contaminated by greycap caused his death. Maelys and Teddy carried his body to the stable; later, with the help of Dolins, they buried him on a hillside overlooking the inn.

Orvyle Whent

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