Otto "Meatball"

The Fool Of House Redwyne


A heavy man with heavier jowls. Everything about Otto is large, from his nose, to his waist, to his appetites.


Otto has been going by his nickname “Meatball” for as long as anyone in the Redwyne palace can recall. His energetic, impulsive, and overly playful personality is amusing to some and infuriating to others. He is known across the Arbor as a gifted mummer and bard… with a penchant for pranks.

Many a servant and courtier has been a victim of Meatball’s pranks and when two unknown diplomats, a lord and a maester, arrived to treat with Lord Redwyne the household guard sensed an opportunity for amusement. Lord Paxter was away at war, siegeing Storm’s End on the orders of his liege, Mace Tyrell. Meatball strode into the room, in his Lord’s garb, and treated with the visitors, eventually arriving at terms for House Redwyne to turn-cloak in exchange for being awarded the title of Master of Ships as well as Oldtown and the High Tower. It was at the moment of terms being reached that the doors slammed open. A knight of the house marched in and chastised Meatball for deceiving their guests. Upon divulging the nature of the negotiation Teddy and Thaddeus were arrested as traitors.

In the trial for Teddy and Thaddeus’s accused treasons Otto acted as a witness. He could not sway Lord Paxter toward the Maester’s guilt but did provide convincing testament of the Lordling’s guilt. When another man, accused of assaulting a guard, requested trial by combat he petitioned Paxter that Otto be his opponent. Expressing displeasure at his fool’s antics Paxter agreed and Otto was swiftly defeated and the bard was released.

Otto "Meatball"

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