Pavel Brogan

Feliston's Notorious Soup Man


Pavel is rather skinny for someone who spends most of his waking hours around food. He wears a large brimmed hat to keep his shoulder length hair from falling into his concoctions. His gregarious nature is inviting to all who enter is store. He is quick to ask about personal topics, but unlikely to disclose any personal information about himself. When he catches wind of nefarious activities, one might catch a devilish twinkle in his eye as he continue to pry.


A local soup shop owner in the heart of Feliston, Pavel is known around the Fingers for making the hardiest, most delicious soups in the region. His shop, Feli-Soup, is always alive with activity, attracting a range of characters. Pavel mixes and mingles with all his customers and seems to know everything about everyone who passes through his shop. Feli-Soup has been known to shelter some shady business deals in the past, but Pavel has managed to maintain a blemish-free reputation with the general public.

Pavel was hired to create a favorite Noroshi stew by Yuri in May of 286 AC, just after the Order of the Darkwater landed at Feliston. Pavel was happy to oblige, but lacked Tarragon. So, he tasked Darron, Gregoriy (along with Kiril and Yuri), Summer and Teddy with foraging for some in a nearby alpine meadow.

In September 287 AC Pavel was leading a mob attempting to lynch Heather. Pavel believed that she had knowingly sold him spoiled chicken which he had served at the Winter Carnival a month prior. Gregoriy Al-Tem put a stop to this and found no evidence of wrongdoing (with aid from Summer and Brock). When emotions were high Heather’s husband attempted to charge Pavel, but Gregoriy put a stop to this as well.

Pavel Brogan

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