Paxter Redwyne


Paxter is a than man with a bright orange head of hair and beard. However, both show signs of greying and thinning.


Canon Background

Paxter briefly returned to Ryamsport during the siege of Storm’s End to oversee a several important matters, including a trial.

Maester Thaddeus was charged with treason and found innocent by way of unconvincing testimony from Ser Desmond and Meatball.

Dolins the Bard selected trial by combat after being charged with assaulting a guard. His requests for a pre-trial performance, and that the other combatant be Meatball, were granted. Dolins proved his innocence by defeating Meatball handily.

Theodore Jasper was charged with murdering a guard and treason. Linus testified as to what Teddy had done (stabbing the sleeping guard) but Paxter did not believe the thief and ordered the man hanged. After Desmond and Meatball testified as to the espionage and treason Lord Paxter showed leniency and ordered that a 400 gold dragon ransom be paid.

Paxter Redwyne

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