Perin Pryor

Sworn Sword In Service Of House Jasper


Perin is a young man with blonde hair and beard. Tall and athletic he cuts an imposing figure in his half-plate.


There was little to do on the tiny isle of Pebble for the young lordling. The youngest of six children, three boys and two girls, he was often left to his own devices. His days were spent imaging winning glory and honor in tournys and battles across the Seven Kingdoms. The nearest knight of note was noneother than Samwell Stone. As soon as he had Lord Pryor’s permission Perin left home and took service with House Jasper in order train with, and perhaps one day battle aside, a local hero. Little aside from combat and gambling seems to hold Perin’s interest for long. Rumors have reached Snownook of his debts in Gulltown.

He was wounded in a skirmish with Tito after he and Jardon encountered him on The Fingers. Tito appeared to have captured Wyman and Willas and after a brief exchange Perin charged their captor and secured their freedom.

In 283 AC Lord Jasper held a contest to determine Castle Snownook’s next master-at-arms. Ser Perin competed in all the varied contests but made a poor showing of himself, failing to secure any victory points. He did, however, strike a bargain with Jardon before the melee. They agreed that in exchange for Perin targeting Ser Darron (the point leader) that Jardon would secure the absolution of Perin’s gambling debts in Gulltown. Perin later informed Jardon that he owes gold to Merl at the Falcon’s Nest and Jamie at Winter’s reprieve.

While gambling in the Winter’s Reprieve Inn with Teddy in the latter months of 283 AC (under the impression that Jardon had ensured his debts were excused) Perin was arrested. The City Watch had come to arrest him as a debtor; Perin was taken to the dungeon beneath the cellars of House Grafton’s great-keep. The next night Teddy paid him a visit and in the discussion that followed Perin expressed remorse for his weakness. He intended to plead to his guilt as a debtor and appeal to Lord Grafton’s mercy. Teddy convinced him to gamble one more time… by demanding a" trial-by-combat": Perin was tried the following morning, with Theodore and Thaddeus in attendance. Before Lord Grafton could render a verdict and sentence Theodore volunteered to payoff Perin’s debts. Lord Grafton accepted.

During the Assault on Dragonstone he climbed the eastern curtain wall with the other knights of House Jasper. Not skilled in climbing or stealth he was late joining the fray beneath the walls of Dragonstone. He aided Ser Samwell and Ser Maelys in keeping garrison at bay as Darron, Jardon, and Carsen scaled the immense wall. Even after Samwell fell, Perin fought fiercely and it was only when the fighting was done that he began to weep.

In March of 285 AC Perin was murdered the night he returned from months of travel, completing a mysterious errand. He was found near noon the next day in a pool of his own blood, stabbed in the back dozens of times.

Perin Pryor

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