A "Protector"


The most distinctive thing about Quentyn may will be his speech. His rapid, nassally, cadence is somewhat unique… and somewhat irritating. He considers himself a maverick, going so far as to boast of declining a knighthood once.


In June of 287 AC word reached “The Protectors” that a noble house was looking to hire sell swords. Madsen went to meet with House Casper at Gulltown’s south docks. He was accompanied by Samwell (to negotiate) and Quentyn (for muscle). Ser Darron was masquerading as lord of the fictitious House Casper and Theodore pretended at being the Master-At-Arms. Samwell and Madsen sniffed out that something was not right and the trio turned to leave. Quentyn fought back, wounding his foes before being disarmed and subdued by a net. It was then that he was informed that he was being brought to Lord Shett for murdering his grandson in Buffoon’s III years earlier.


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