Advisor to House Woodhull


Ralph often tries to keep his features hidden by a scarf or through other means. He is known to never drink despite often conducting his time in bars, taverns, and the like.


Ralph like to spend his evenings in a dump of a tavern, in the basement of someone’s home, in Feliston. He was approached by Teddy in March of 284 AC. A brief conversation gave Teddy information of a man in the Snownook cells named Rancis. Ralph also stated that he lives in Feliston because it is easy to go unnoticed in such a lawless place, and that he has relationships in numerous other places. A second conversation followed in which Calaila and Dolins joined them. The pair were able to negotiate terms with Ralph in which he (and Rancis and 6 other associates) would quietly House Jasper’s lands if a vessel were chartered. The outlaws are bound for Paps. A few weeks later Ralph successfully staged the breakout.

Mere days after landing on Paps, Ralph identified terrain suitable for ambush on the trail that traverses the isle. After killing a messenger on one day, a large group from House Jasper attempted to pass through days later. Ralph insinuated he knew who they were and demanded they all drop coin purses on the ground and turn to leave. Instead the drew weapons and a fight ensued. Ralph mostly hid behind their roadblock until a great stot leaped over it, luckily for him the rider lost his seat in the process. Ralph mounted the horse, rode to the rescue of the grievously wounded Rancis, scooped him up, and they attempted to flee. The overburdened plow horse they rode showed well for itself, but it wasn’t long before Jardon caught up to them on his destrier. Ralph was disarmed, then four men emerged from the trees and captured the trio. Accused of trespassing they were brought to Woodhull and put in stocks overnight. The following day Jardon was released when his companions arrived, but Rancis and Ralph were left in the stocks.

Nearly two years later House Jasper returned to Woodhull to find that Ralph’s station had improved considerably. He was introduced to Teddy Jasper, Ser Dolins, and Ser Darron as an advisor. He spoke favorably of quelling tensions on the isle peaceably and a marriage pact was proposed in which James Woodhull would wed Mya Elesham and Asha Woodhull would later wed Elmo Elesham when they came of age. Early the next morning the Jaspers accompanied James, Iggy, and Bryden Tully to the gathering. It wasn’t until dawn on the second day that Dolins and Bryden returned and shared that it had been an Elesham trap. Ralph suggested getting Asha off the island and to safety and Brynden quickly agreed; the two men set off together to do just that.


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