A Criminal


A tall ugly man with a heavily lined face and a squared jaw. His small ears stick out straight from the side of his head. He smells terrible. He has the unsettling habit of stonily staring at those who address him whilst licking his lips. He does not often speak, but when he does he is surprisingly eloquent.


Rancis was born the son of a merchant captain. He traveled the Narrow Sea with his father, as a boy, until a pirate band captured their ship around the time of the War of the Ninepenny Kings. Rancis watched as his father was butchered before him and he was taken captive, experiencing and witnessing horror after horror during that time. After more than a year a fleet commanded by Adam Velaryon did battle with the pirates and won. When Lord Velaryon passed judgment on the survivng pirates Young Rancis’s hopes were crushed when, to a man, the pirates swore he was one of their fellows, not an enslaved captive. Unable to reconcile Rancis’s pleas of innocence with the pirates’ proclamations of his guilt Lord Alyn decreed that the boy be brought to Ghaston Grey where he languished for many years.

Originally arrested for disturbing the peace of Feliston, Rancis has displayed an array of unsavory and violent behavior since his incarceration begin. These include: urinating on a guard, biting a guard, throwing his chamber pot at guard, bouts of fury and melancholy. He had been in the cells beneath Snownook for several weeks when a visitor, Calaila, came calling. Rancis shared little but did state that he does not do well in captivity. Weeks later Calaila and Dolins spent an evening in the cells with him. Calaila tried to charm Rancis, which did warm him to her a bit, but as the conversation continued she became intimidated and fled. It was then that Ralph entered the cells with six fellows. Dolins handed the key to Ralph, he unlocked the cell, and the men strode out of Snownook and into the night toward a boat bound for The Paps.

Mere days after landing on Paps, Ralph identified terrain suitable for ambush on the trail that traverses the isle. After killing a messenger on one day, a large group from House Jasper attempted to pass through days later. Rancis was behind a rock on an embankment when Ser Darron rode up to him. With two swift blows to the throat, Rancis killed the horse, crushing its windpipe. The knight landed on his feet, only to be knocked down by Rancis. From the ground blow after blow from his sword landed on Rancis until Ralph rode to the rescue, scooped him up, and they attempted to flee. The overburdened plow horse they rode showed well for itself, but it wasn’t long before Jardon caught up to them on his destrier. Rancis was knocked off the horse, then four men emerged from the trees and captured the trio. Accused of trespassing they were brought to Woodhull and put in stocks overnight. The following day Jardon was released when his companions arrived, but Rancis and Ralph were left in the stocks.

After a trial of seven was ordered by Lord Jasper to resolve the issue of whether Ser Cortnay had murdered Ser Hoster Woodhull in a joust the accused and the accuser (James Woodhull) set about recruiting champions to fight for their causes. Rancis agreed to fight for James. Rancis spent the trial calmly watching the carnage unfold before him, apparently not engaging in the combat. After Cortnay’s death and the trial had concluded Ser Darron attacked Rancis from behind, knocking him to the ground. Rancis stood and traded blows with Darron, causing much damage to the old knight. Dolins intervened but his efforts to support Darron in the duel appeared futile. After a few tense moments, Rancis released Darron from his hold, calling out “Yield!” It was then that Jardon charged forth from the crowd, executing Rancis.


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