As described by Virgil, “Remus is a man of typical height and typical build. He has blonde hair, blue eyes, and a beard.” In the latter part of 285 AC Remus shaved his beard to disguise his identity.


Remus entered into a fool-hearty scheme in 285 AC when he conspired with the The Duke to capture a smuggled shipment of whale oil from Ib. Remus was paid 20gd finder’s fee and The Duke would sell off the oil at a considerable profit. With the negotiations done Remus was introduced to The Duke’s debt collector, Virigl, so that he would know the look of the man in case of treachery. This would turn out to be a shrewd safeguard as the heist would not go as expected. When the Duke’s sellsails captured the whale oil vessel they were dismayed to learn that the cargo was not oil, but slaves. Remus, an emancipationist, had known this and manipulated the Duke to free the slaves. On the run, Remus hired Ser Godfry to protect him as he seeks safe passage to Braavos.

Virgil caught up to Remus, at an inn on the searoad toward the end of 285 AC where he was going by Jasen. Some other guests at the inn (Dolins, Calaila, Teddy) ultimately turned him over to Virgil.


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