House Jasper's Messanger and Scout


A tall skinny woman, Rhaella keeps her brown hair cut short, often shaving the sides of her head. Her long nose and cheeks are speckled with freckles.


Though low-born, her mother named her for the (now) queen – Rhaella Targaryen. About the same age as Edric, the pair were inseparable as children. As they grew they pair became competitive and often challenged each other to riding competitions. Eventually they had a falling out, leading Rhaella to take the position of Lord Ronnel’s messenger in order to put much distance between them. She is trusted to deliver the messages deemed too sensitive to trust to a raven.

Rhaella brought dark news to Ser Carsen when he swore his oath of fealty to Lord Ronnel. She reported she had seen his farm burned and lead a party back to Carsen’s homestead. Once there Reina was discovered alive and chilled, cowering in a nearby cave. Rhaella was tasked with bringing her to Snownook for safe keeping.

In 284 AC Rhaella was tasked with chartering a vessel to sail from Gulltown, to Snownook, to The Paps by Calaila and Dolins. They provided her with 12 gold dragons to be used as payment.

Throughout 285 AC Rhaella spent more and more time away from Snownook, carrying messages from Calaila’s contacts back to her.

On the eve of the new year, 286 AC, she was tasked with riding through the night to claim a septon from Snakewood to perform the marriage ceremony of Jeyne Oakheart and Jardon Pyke. She returned the next day, alone, and shared her failure and regret with Calaila and Content Not Found: thad.

In the finals days of February 286 Rhaella was liberated from the cells beneath Snakewood by Jasper soldiers. She had been captured when trying to carry a secret message from Teddy Jasper to House Corbray. She languished in the cells for two weeks, joined by Arturo Stone and then eventually Jardon Pyke. Both men were badly wounded but Rhaella tried to rally them to resist their captors. When Jasper forces stormed the Snakewood gate she witnessed the horror of Ella Elesham’s vicious attack by a cloaked figure who had been lying in wait to ambush any rescuers. Rhaella then saw Ser Thom Lynderly execute Jardon and watched as he cut Arturo’s throat too. She was able to share infomration which led to Thom’s capture but the identity of Ella’s attacker remains a mystery.

In what became known as Ser Jamie’s Tourney in the region, in June of 288 AC, Rhaella participated in the riding contest but was unable to win.


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