Proprieter of Buffoons' III in Gulltown


Robert has sharp features and straight brown hair. He is not able to grow a bear or mustache.


Robert is the nephew of Gulltown’s harbor master. He was about one-and-twenty years old when Jardon, Darron, and Thaddeus knocked on his door. They explained that they had recently purchased a waterfront bar (along with Ser Carsen) and were looking for someone to operate it for them, his uncle had recommended Robert. He explained he had tended bar before, worked as an inn’s stable boy in his youth, and had some ability to do sums and read (but spelling is difficult). Thus, in April 284 AC Robert became the proprietor of Buffoon’s III (formerly the Falcon’s Nest).

For the better part of a year Robert ran a ‘tight ship’ at Buffoon’s III and built a steady and profitable business out of the bar by the docks (no doubt his uncle helped steer newly arrived sailors to his nephew’s watering hole). This all changed one morning in February 285 AC. Robert was opening for the day when half a dozen soldiers of House Shett burst in. They brutally beat Robert, breaking his legs in many places and ordered the bar be closed by order of Lord Shett. The former barkeep was recuperating at his Uncle’s home when Jardon Pyke paid him a visit in August of 286 AC. His former employer callously tossed him from his bed, and a brief interrogation followed. Robert divulged that House Shett was to blame for the states of both the bar and his legs.


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