Robert Baratheon

King of the Seven Kingdoms and Protector of the Realm


He is a tall, handsome, powerful man. Robert epitomizes classic Baratheon looks with thick black hair and bright blue eyes.


Canon Background

After being forced to withdraw from Ashford Robert made his way toward Stoney Sept. However, he collapsed on the road toward the town from wounds suffered at Ashford. It was there that he was discovered by Calaila, Teddy, Dolins, Maelys, and Thaddeus. He appeared particularly taken with Calaila and Thaddeus as it was they who most often tended to him. Forces lead by Jon Connington converged on the town seeking Robert’s head. He was kept hidden via a plot hatched by his rescuers for several hours. When Stoney Sept’s bells began to ring out Robert emerged from his hiding place and with great fury began smashing through Targaryen soldiers.

During the receiving of gifts after their wedding of Robert and Cersei received Teddy and Ronnel Jasper and were gifted a shadowcat by the pair. Teddy suggested the beast was tame enough to made a pet but that it could also be used as prey for a hunt. Robert was jovial and encouraged the lordling to recount the tale of how he had aided Robert during the war to all the nobles gathered.

Robert Baratheon

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