Rudolf is a serious and loyal man whose family is his top priority. He is prone to coughing fits.


It was a dark winter night in March of 287 when Rudolf and his family happened upon some travelers from House Jasper. Rudolf’s extended family was traveling via caravan from Silverhill to Crakehall, following rumors of a mining boom there. They were greeted by Ser Darron, Ser Carsen,Ser Shaymus, and observed a young girl, apparently asleep. Carsen, in a rare show of generosity gifted Rudolf 2gd; Darron, not to be shown up, gifted a few silver to show his good nature as well. Early the next day Rudolf and his family rode to Goldengrove with Darron and Shaymus to retrieve some members of House Jasper who had been stranded there. After they were safely away Rudolph happily agreed to travel together to Crakehall. The Jaspers had need of his wagons, after abandoning their horses inside Goldengrove, and he wanted for their protection. Upon reaching the bustling boom town outide Crakehall Rudolph parted ways, but not before Ser Darron gifted him 10gd and a handful of odd Valyrian coins.


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