Undergaoler of the "Black Cells" of the Red Keep


Rugen is portly, unshaven, and gruff of appearance and voice. He reeks of sweat and sour wine. His scarred face is partially obscured by a dark beard.


In 284 AC Rugen was making his way through one of the many passages beneath the Red Keep on Aegon’s High Hill. There he encountered four hapless travelers who identified themselves as Dolins, Maester Thaddeus, Freddy, and Delilah. Calaila was able to conceal her true identity under the ‘Delilah’ guise. After much back and forth Teddy revealed his rue name but spoke falsely of his house (stating his was of House Lynderly). The four spun a ridiculous tale of being in the passages to move a boat from Flea Bottom to the Blackwater Rush. At one point Rugen appeared to be gauging their honesty and loyalty; ultimately he was unimpressed by their answers and urged them to leave the passages as they are not safe.


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