Rusty "The Duke"

A criminal


Linus sports a stern glare and a furrowed brow. He has thick silver hair and a matching beard. He is large in stature and presence.


Rusty rendezvous with the House Jasper party in a storehouse on the waterfront shortly after the trial in the Ryamsport square concluded. He explains that Linus had been working to assemble a team for a heist. He blames Paxter Redwyne for Linus’s execution – not the men and women of the Vale who stand before him. He introduces another of his associates, a woman named Tess, and explains that they have a job for the players that is too big for them to take on. They had intended to rob the Redwyne vault via a cave network that Linus had knowledge of. In exchange for half of the take they share the particulars and provide an encrypted note Linus had written that supposedly functions as a map. The Jasper party agrees to the expedition In exchange for the entirety of the first take (-100 dragons for Tess) and forfeiting all future claims to the vault.

During 285 AC Rusty took back custody of his son, Danny. Ser Perin Pryor, on behalf of Teddy Jasper, delivered the boy. Rusty paid 600gd as thanks. Rusty then moved his base of operations to Lannisport, from Oldtown, for reasons unknown. In December of that year Rusty was paid a visit by Teddy and Calaila. He received them in his manse on the west side of Lannisport’s central market. Virgil and Tess, two of his retainers, were also in attendance. The visitors asked if he had seen or heard from Terry, Danny’s mother, and he expressed he had not… because if he had it would likely be the last thing he ever saw. Teddy shared that she was suspected of assassinating Perin for his role in returning Danny to Rusty’s custody. He did agree to send her head to Snownook if she crossed her path, so that it could be given to Lord Pryor as proof of justice.

Rusty was visiting his cousin on Paps in February of 286 AC when he next met Teddy. A trio of knights, Darron, Dolins, and Carsen were also present. The last of whom stayed behind when the others departed for Woodhull. The following day Rusty asked if he could board the Rambis to discuss a business proposition and Carsen obliged. On board a drunken Jardon confirmed that they had indeed returned from Valyria and expanded that they had brought back three dragon eggs with them. Rusty suggested to Content Not Found: thad and Carsen (and the belligerent Jardon) that he could link them with a buyer (suggesting a 10,000-50,000gd price, each) and that he would forgo his finder’s fee if they agreed to retrieve an item that his uncle had left on the Stepstones as payment. He encouraged them to come see him at his Lannisport manse if they were interested. Before disembarking, he stopped in to see Calaila, who was feigning sleep as she recovered from a wound, and whispered in her ear.

Rusty "The Duke"

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