Samwell Frey "The Lord"

A "Protector"


Samwell was born a very junior member of House Frey. His features (i.e., his resemblance to a weasel) make plain his lineage to any who know the Freys. He left the Twins years ago when Lord Walder declared that the keeps had grown too crowded and that the herd needed culling. This entrenched a bitterness in Samwell’s heart that persists. His slender frame does not lend itself to martial pursuits, but he does posses a shrewd mind that is as dangerous as any blade.


Samwell spotted Teddy Jasper in the Winter’s Reprieve tavern in Gulltown in August of 286 AC. The former challenged the later to a game of cyvasse; and lost a gold doing so (rather quickly). It was then that a tall man wearing a purple tunic with a white fist emblazoned entered and called Samwell away to meet with Madsen.

In June of 287 AC word reached “The Protectors” that a noble house was looking to hire sell swords. Madsen went to meet with House Casper at Gulltown’s south docks. He was accompanied by Samwell (to negotiate) and Quentyn (for muscle). Ser Darron was masquerading as lord of the fictitious House Casper and Theodore pretended at being the Master-At-Arms. Samwell and Madsen sniffed out that something was not right and the trio turned to leave. It was then that they were ambushed. Samwell turned to run for reinforcements and escaped unscathed.

Samwell Frey "The Lord"

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