Samwell Stone

Sworn Sword In Service Of House Jasper


A tall and proud man, Sam’s waistline has grown as he aged. His brow has remained dark as the rest of his hair has greyed. He keeps the hair on his balding head cut short and wears a goatee.


Samwell has in the employ of House Jasper since the days when Ronnel’s father ruled. He earned his knighthood in the storming of Starpike during the Peake Uprising of 233 AC. He also put down the rebellion led by The Rat, The Hawk, and The Pig in 251 AC. He has devoted his life to House Jasper and believed, naively, that after the death of the Master-At-Arms that he would be promoted to the position. However, the years are beginning to take their toll and even a man as blind as Ronnel can see that Old Sam is not up to the task. Honest to a fault, Samwell has made no secret of the pain, anger, and betrayal he has felt for being passed over for Jardon Pyke.

As the senior sworn sword Samwell begrudgingly oversees the duties of the master-at-arms when Jardon is away. Following rampant rumors of his dissatisfaction with this status during Robert’s Rebellion. Jardon accused Sam of fostering the rumors and treason. Terms of a trial by combat were agreed upon, and the trial commenced the following morning. Overnight Carsen sneaked into his bed chamber discovering Samwell and Perin sleeping side-by-side. The trial that followed was a brief affair, with the heavily armored Samwell trouncing the less experienced Jardon. Jardon yielded, offering to relinquish his position, and Sam accepted. As this transpired Carsen shared his discovery with Ronnell.

Following Jardon, Carsen, and Darron’s return from the Battle of the Trident Samwell was present when Jardon shared the knights of note they had faced at the battle (Barristan Selmy, Jonothor Darry, Ardin Celtigar). The Waters twins became visibly angry and challenged Jardon to a duel; Samwell brokered the terms of the duel as the senior knight.

In 283 AC Lord Jasper held a contest to determine Castle Snownook’s next master-at-arms. Samwell competed and put up a good showing, particularly in the joust which he won. Samwell, along with Ser Carsen and Ser Darron, outlasted the other competitors in the melee… which Lord Ronnel Jasper concluded prematurely as Darron had secured a mathematical victory in the contest. While disappointed, Samwell grumbled that if it couldn’t be him at least it was another man possessing experience… and both of his eyes.

During the Assault on Dragonstone he climbed the eastern curtain wall with the other knights of House Jasper. First over the wall, he lead the way to the castle’s eastern wall in the dawn light. Once the garrison became aware of their presence Samwell organized a rear guard for Darron, Jardon, and Carsen as they scaled the immense wall. Samwell perished in the ensuing battle, pierced by nearly a dozen bolts and blades. Perin knelt over him, weeping silently.

Samwell Stone

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