A Smith In Gulltown


Severus has a reputation as being the finest smith in Gulltown, and one of the best in Westeros, outside of the Street of Steel. The wares displayed in his shop certainly support his reputation; the walls are adorned with fine blades, armor, and even decorative pieces of bronze and silver. The man himself is somewhat unremarkable to look at. The state of his clothing, in contrast to his wares, suggests that he is a frugal man.


In April of 285 AC, a man introduced himself as Dolins and inquired about commissioning a blade. He explained that he had come to possess a dragon’s tooth that should make a fine weapon. Severus concurred, and offered that he could transform the relic into a shortsword of superior quality. After some consideration, Dolins declined.

Severus encountered Maester Thaddeus in August of 286 AC. Thad commissioned a “breakaway” collar for his cat Guliver. They settled on a silver collar with gold inlay for 3gd and 5ss. Later that day Severus made a silver stag by pointing Ser Carsen to Devin when the former asked about purchasing a set of locksmith tools.


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