Steward of Stoney Sept


Shaymus is a heavy-set man with orange hair and a mustache that nearly covers his rather prominent jowls. He appears somewhat suspicious in nature.


Shaymus welcomed Lord Theodore, Dolins, Maester Thaddues, Ser Maelys, and Calaila when they brought a grievously wounded Robert Baratheon to the gates of Stoney Sept. He introduced himself as the town’s steward and acted as the vistors’ liaison.

When royalist forces lead by Jon Connington entered the town, it wasn’t long before Shaymus questioned. It wasn’t long after that until Shaymus was imprisoned. Kept in a cage-cart on the town’s north side Shaymus was rendered impotent for much of the Battle of the Bells. It was from his vantage in the cart that he witnessed Theodore Jasper set fire to a family’s home. As the innocents cried out in terror and pain Teddy rushed to the cart, freed Shaymus, and ferried him to safely.


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