A hedge knight and Darron's former squire


Shaymus is a weathered looking man. He has traveled many roads, drank many ales, slept in many hedges, met many men, and once upon a time, as a much younger man, he did these things as Ser Darron Brewlan’s squire.

During Robert’s Rebellion Ser Shaymus rode in Lord Randyll Tarly’s vanguard at Ashford.



On March 15 of the year 287 AC Shaymus was making water on a tree when he heard a familiar voice amongst a group of travelers. He called out, and to his surprise he found his old master, Ser Darron Brewlan! After an exchange of pleasantries Darron revealed that he and his companions from House Jasper were attempting to reclaim a Valyrian Steel sword that had been stolen by Blackshield. Shaymus asked if he could accompany them as he was ‘between lords’ at that moment and the group allowed it. As they set out Shaymus regaled all with the tale of how Darron became known as the “Four-Legged Knight” decades earlier. In return , the Jaspers told tale of their travels north of the Wall and Volantis. The tales of “dragon slaying” at the latter raised Shaymus’s eyebrow.

Shaymus traveled with the Jaspers to Goldengrove and Crakehall before returning to Oldtown. In Oldtown an embarrassed Shaymus asked Teddy for a loan to repay an old debt. The lord declined and explained that Shaymus should just stay out the Reach and should he need to return in the future that a loan would be considered at that time. Shaymus left to attend to some errands and returned to the Rambis bloodied. Ser Darron comforted him and learned that Shaymus’s attack had been a circumstance of poor luck.

On the night of the dragon egg theft Shaymus was discovered unconscious on the battlements. As if this weren’t suspicious enough, the watchmen reported Shaymus had relieved them of their duty. Much to Darron’s dismay, Teddy ordered Shaymus be jailed until further notice. Shaymus was questioned several times before Teddy charged him as aiding the thieves. Shaymus demanded trial-by-combat to prove his innocence and Ser Carsen volunteered to champion House Jasper. A fierce duel at the Bridge of the Andals ensued; the Gods ruled in favor of Ser Carsen (narrowly). After this Shaymus revealed to Teddy that a man named Dell was his contact and that he begrudgingly participated in the theft to repay a debt. Ser Shaymus was then sentenced to exile in Essos, by the Council of Justice, until he saw the eggs safely returned to Snownook. Shaymus would be brought to Braavos by Lord Ronnel and Ser Denys and then freed.


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