Feliston's Town Drunk


Slim is a middle aged man. Stick thin, sallow skin, matted hair and usually covered in smudged dirt from night’s spent sleeping outside the tavern.


Slim is the loud and rowdy town drunk. He grew up in Feliston, and when he gets desperate enough for more cash, gets what work he can in town or at the docks, but he has a reputation as being unreliable and a troublemaker. Slim used to spend time with Rancis and Ralph , but even they got sick of his belligerence, and they left him behind when they shipped off to Paps. Most of his funds go towards strong spirits rather than food, lending to his bony figure. Slim spends just as much time in Snownook’s jail cells as he does the shanty he lives in in the woods. When events and celebrations are taking place at Snownook, one can always find Slim hovering on the outskirts, hoping to get a cut of the action.

One morning Slim stumbled his way across the path of young Teddy Jasper. After complaining about his pox, lack of coin, failure with women, and more the lordling offered an ale in hopes of gaining information. Slim was happy to share. He told of how he had acted as a lookout for Ralph and Rancis. When Teddy asked if he had met The Duke, Slim explained that he had not… but believed that Ralph knew the man.

Slim was bribed with alcohol and 1ss to back up Hamond’s tale of Nail starting a fight between them; this led to Nail being jailed in August of 286 AC.


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