Local vixen with a thing for seamen


Her high-pitched voice can easily be heard across a loud room. She clings to the arm of unlucky seafaring men, no matter how hard they try to squirm away. Her breath is nearly as unbearable as her grating personality. With very few personal possessions, she relentlessly mooches off her men and will happily claim their belongings as her own without telling them.


Stefany is a shrill, young woman who chases sailors around Feliston, looking for the right “match”. What she lacks in wit and intelligence, she makes up for in appearance. That is, until she smiles and reveals a mouth of rotting teeth. When a burly captain or deck hand catch her eye, she will stop at nothing to bring her target to bed and start a family.

In June 287 AC she was locked in the cells beneath Snownook, accused of giving several men (including perhaps of the guards) the pox. She was questioned by the Beacon Of Light and his council (Brock and Summer). She was cagey and Summer voiced that it ‘took two to tango’, insinuating that punishment was not needed. Brock, on the other hand, recommended her nose be cut off so that no man would want to lie with her again. Gregoriy was the moderating voice and ordered that she be tattooed, by Nail, with marks resembling the pox so that no man would unknowingly contract it again.


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