A messanger and stable hand at Castle Snownook


Summer’s dirty-dish-water blonde hair seems the only thing she is unable to tame. Her youthfulness shows in her wild golden eyes.


Born in 267 AC to Stable Master Edric and his wife, Summer grew up sheltered in a cabin in the woods which Edric frequently escaped to when not working at Castle Snownook. Fearful her insatiable thirst for adventure would lead her down a dangerous path, her parents kept her as busy as they could tending to their personal stables and other animals on their private homestead. Her upbringing gave her an innate ability to connect with furry and feathered friends alike.

As the Jasper coffers grew and their stables expanded, Edric at last relented to his daughter’s constant nagging to bring her along to the castle. On the condition she remain quiet and obedient, she quickly demonstrated her worth as a stable hand. Summer earned her fathers trust with her enthusiastic and capable efforts, and the trust of the horses with her calming presence (and frequent gifts of apples). As her confidence grew, so did her willfulness. As of late, she has become increasingly defiant towards Edric, despite his gruff attitude.

Always tailing right next to Summer is her shepherd dog, August. Having trained him from a pup, the two are closest companions and often seem to share a mind to outsiders. Unbeknownst to most, in fact, they do. Summer began having warg dreams at age 14, and within the last year, has discovered her ability to warg into August’s skin. Fearful this unusual ability will be misunderstood by her father and lead him to cast her out of his home, she has not widely shared her ability…yet. Nearing adulthood, and seeing the power her warging could bring her, Summer is putting less and less effort into hiding her “secret”.


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