Handmaiden at Casterly Rock and Calaila's Spy


Tanda has anxious demeanor, is considered “high strung” by her fellows, and often picks at her fingernails when nervous. She has pale eyes and strawberry blonde hair.


It was near the end of 285 AC when Tanda, in a panic as she often is, was come upon by Calaila. Tanda had just torn a lady’s dress and needed help mending it, Calaila obliged. Tanda chattered away explaining that she doesn’t much care for being a handmaiden or for Casterly Rock; she would love more than anything to go to Dorne for the dry climate. A deal was rapidly struck in which Calaila would pay 1ss for any information Tanda could give her and even paid 1gd up front. Tanda was thrilled as this would help her to fund her travels and shared that she even knows her letters and thus could pass written messages through Rhaella.


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