Terry is a small, slender woman with short sandy hair. Her eyes seem a bit large for her face while her nose and mouth are small, even for a woman of her stature.


When Terry was but a girl, an orphan on the streets of Old Town, she caught the eye of Rusty as she pilfered morsels of food from shops and stalls. Seeing her natural skill Rusty followed her home; gazing through a window he found her drunken parents asleep while Terry’s younger siblings feasted on the bounty Terry had returned with. Rusty tapped on the window, got her attention, and beckoned for her to come outside. He told her that she was special and that her siblings would never go without food again… if Terry agreed to put her talents to use for him. She agreed. Years passed and their relationship morphed from master/protege to friends to lovers. After the birth of their son, Daemon (or “Danny” as Terry calls him) she became more and more withdrawn and fearful. She fears (among other things): Rusty’s wroth, the unsavory nature of most of his associates, the enemies he makes in his scheming, and his heritage. She fled Rusty the morning after he made her promise to kill herself and their son rather than be taken captive my some force he would not name.

After weeks of hiding in Gulltown, trying to seek passage across the Narrow Sea to no avail, two fellow guests at the WInter’s Reprieve noted Terry. Perhaps it was her shift glance as they came downstairs. When she overheard them ask Jamie who she was she bolted to her room and barred the door. After some cajoling she agreed to open but demanded that the two strangers (Calaila and Dolins) not cross the threshold. Reluctantly, Terry caved to the questioning of the strangers. She revealed not only an intense fear of her former lover, but also that she had absconded with their child. A boy of four years emerged from wardrobe looking scared. The pair offered her and her son sanctuary at Snownook. Terry replied that she would prefer they secure her passage across the Narrow Sea; sadly, they would not or could not do this. After some consideration she accepted their offer of safe haven and departed Gulltown with them.


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