Linus's Former Associate


Tess has large sea-green eyes and close-cropped red hair. Her most distinctive feature is the webs of skin between her fingers typical of crannogmen. She is small of stature and slender and carries herself with an air of confidence. A curious young woman, she asks questions often.


Tess, while in the employ of The Duke, planted a coded note on Theodore Jasper‘s person after the conclusion of his trial in Ryamsport in 283 AC. Tess accompanied the House Jasper party, as their burglar, in an expedition of a nearby cave system (that legend says connects to the House Redwyne vault). She was wounded by a rock creeper while exploring the caves and when the passage to the vault was finally identified Tess could not squeeze through the crevasse. The limitation caused by her wound caused Calaila to step forward and sneak into the vault in her stead. Tess’s initial relief turned to anger when Calaila threatened to withhold her payment (which had been negotiated by The Duke as 100 gold dragons). Fortunately for Tess, Ser Darron reminded Caliala that it would be unwise to make enemies and she acquiesced.

On orders from Rusty, Tess met with Calaila on the Gulltown docks several months after they first met on the Arbor. Tess had been instructed to pay Calaila and her friends a significant sum of gold if they could apprehend Terry and return to him something of great value. Calaila told Tess they had not found Terry, a lie which Tess believed, but did share a lead. Tess was told that patrons of the Falcon’s Nest had been paid for information about “The Duke”.

Tess was present when Calaila and Teddy Jasper visited The Duke’s Lannisport manse in December of 285 AC. Tess was quiet throughout the stop-off, but as she showed the pair out she intimated that there would be “jobs” for them in the future.


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