Theobald "The Andal"

The Founder Of House Jasper


“Theo” as, he was known to some, carried a full and bushy head of hair and beard throughout his life. In his younger days his hair was auburn in color, then flecked with grey upon his landing in Westeros, and was the color of snow by the time House Jasper was firmly established.


Born the son of a family of brewers in Andalos, Theo became a soldier at a young age. His motivation for pursuing a military life has been lost to time. Glory, honor, stability, excitement, fear, and more have been suggested. Ultimately the reason does not matter as he did spent nearly three decades in serving, rising from squire, to knight, to commander, to vessel captain, to commodore. By the time the Andals came to Westeros his experience landed him command of the vanguard, the ‘tip of the spear’ – so to speak. When his forces made landfall at The Fingers he was the first of his people to set foot on Westerosi soil. For reasons no one understood, now or then, he simply stopped. At a site near his landing he laid the cornerstone for Castle Snownook and founded House Jasper. As the years have gone his descendants have taken to referring to him simply as “The Andal”, as a way of paying homage to his accomplishments and the house’s heritage.

Theobald "The Andal"

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