Thom Lynderly

A Knight of House Lynderly


Thom is a quiet, though not unintelligent man. He has a reputation for being good with a sword and shield, though tournaments hold little interest. He is practical in all matters. He has even taken to shaving his head so that his hair could not be used against him in a fight. He often keeps company with his older brothers Ben and George, and prefers to let them speak for him. On occasion he goes ranging with his cousin Jon.


Thom met Ser Carsen, Ser Darron, and Jardon Pyke in Snakewood’s hall as he broke his fast one morning in October of 285 AC. As he sat with his brothers and cousin Jon talk quickly turned to House Thorne’s tin mine. The Lynderlys held firm in their belief that they’re owed a half stake in the mine as it is in a cave network that connects to both Thorne and Lynderly land. Thom was strong and silent throughout the discourse. Negotiations devolved and reached a breaking point when Carsen threatened war if the claim was pursued further. This caused Jon to storm out of the room, after which Carsen did the same.

Ser Thom was discovered encamped with a cohort of Lynderly men near the border of House Jasper and House Lynderly land. After his ranks had been thinned by volleys of arrows Ser Thom saw a weakness when a rider galloped toward his position. He rode forth to meet his foe and discovered the man to be Ser Darron. He wounded the older knight but was forced to flee by the continued rain of arrows.

During the final days of 286 AC Ser Thom rushed to Snakewood’s cells when the Jasper army stormed the gate one night. He waited there until a rescuer, Ella Elesham, came down the stairs. They exchanged tense words until Ella was set upon by a cloaked figure who had been laying in wait in an unlocked cell. It was then that Thom executed Jardon and Arturo Stone. He was later captured trying to flee the city. Thom was jailed in the cells beneath Snownook immediately following. About 6 months later he was freed and escorted to his cousin Jon by Summer after the terms of his release had apparently been negotiated.

Thom next encountered House Jasper at the Spring Tourney of 288 AC. Seeking to right past wrongs, he challenged House Jasper’s Ser Darron Brewlan, the Champion of the Sun, and sought to replace him in the final bout, Thom lost, but not before giving Darron a run for his coin. In a sign of respect: Darron waived the ransom (Thom’s gear was worth 1750ss). Thom agreed that there was no longer any quarrel between him and Darron.

Thom Lynderly

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