Ser Darron's Squire


At one-and-ten years of age Thomas is taller than most of his peers. However, he is skinny, dirty, and has a hungry look about him. He has large scar on his collarbone from a fight with Iron Born reavers in 287 AC.


Thomas had spent the war in the Weeping Town, scrounging for food, begging, doing odd tasks, and looking for opportunities at a better life. He had been abandoned there by his parents. He recently resorted to thievery, which is how he encountered Ser Darron, Ser Carson, and Jardon.

While walking by the ’Captain’s Cabin’ tavern Thomas was called inside by the three warriors. He was hired to deliver a message to Lady Alys (It conveyed: that she was to sell of the bulk of the captured supply caravan and rendezvous with Davos on the beach outside of town to load the onions, etc. into his ship’s hold). Thomas asked to join the men as a squire, he was denied. Sensing that Jardon was mocking him throughout his request Thomas sought him out an hour later on the docks and tried to relieve him of his coin purse. He was caught in the act, attempted to flee, and was scared into returning when a bolt from Jardon’s crossbow stuck into the ground just in front of him. A discussion between the men ensued and after scaring the boy sufficiently Carsen argued the boy’s case to Ser Darron, convincing the grizzly old knight to take on Thomas as a squire.

After several months of traveling with the old knight Thomas killed a man for the first time. It happened in the skirmish with Rancis and Ralph’s robbers on Paps , one of the three archers he charged whilst riding his mule.

Thomas squired for Darron at the joust celebrating the wedding of King Robert and Queen Cersei. He watched as his mentor easily bested a newly anointed knight and two impotent hedge knights. In the fourth and fifth rounds he saw Darron best Ser Lyn Corbray and Ser Brynden Tully, respectively, by rule of the judge. In the 6th round Darron was grievously wounded and unhorsed by Sandor Clemane, as Thomas knew him.

He was a part of the expedition to Valyria in search of dragon eggs. An returned safely to Snownook.

After Ser Darron lost his sword, Victorinox, the Rambis sailed from Snownook to Oldtown to reclaim it. As the vessel passed the Stepstones they were set upon by Ironborn raiders and brave Ser Dolins was captured. Days later, as the damage from the brawl was being repaired on the beach near Spottswood, the Jasperians learned that Ironborn prisoner was being held in the castle after he washed ashore. An initial interrogation yielded little and Thomas took it on himself to return to question the prisoner further that night. The details are murky, but the prisoner ultimately gained freedom, took Thomas as his prisoner, and escaped to his holdout hidden in the Stepstones. Thomas was held captive there for some time before a rescue party freed him. Ser Carsen urged Thomas to stay hidden, but the brash squire sprang into action when he saw his friends outnumbered and fighting for their lives. Thomas died bravely on an unnamed island in the Stepstones… remembered by few but loved by those who knew him.


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