Tilda Whitehead

The Wife and Steward of Lord Whitehead of Weeping Town


A stern, shrewd woman, Tilda is not one for frivolousness. She wears her hair short so that minimal effort is needed for it to be presentable and prefers plain clothing. She has an unusually long neck.


Unusual for a woman, Tilda was named Regent and Steward of Weeping Town when her lord husband answered Robert Baratheon call to arms. Despite being allies to the rebellion Tilda is reluctant to allow Darron, Jardon, and Carsen to access the walled town’s port so that they may transport supplies to Storm’s End. There are two reasons for her guardedness. Firstly, she has no love for House Baratheon. Secondly, bands of loyalist soldiers have been roaming freely throughout the Stormlands and she does not want to draw their attention to her home and its meager garrison. A compromise is arrived at in which the three are permitted entry into town but the supply caravan is barred and must be loaded elsewhere if a vessel is chartered.

Tilda Whitehead

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