Red Hand of The Burned Men


Timett has burned of his right ear in the tradition of the Burned Men.


Timett’s wife birthed a boy, also named Timett, several years earlier. Timett (the elder) has been the Red Hand (i.e., leader) of the Burned Men for multiple years. He is a vetern of innumerable raids, ambushes, and attacks on the small folk of The Vale.

Timett and his band of Burned Men ambushed a three-man party wearing the colors of House Arryn in a mountain pass in 282 AC. Timett had lost four clansmen in the attempt but two Arryn men had been slain as well. As he and his clan converged on the lone survivor two archers, Jardon and Carsen, happened upon the bloody scene. The pair rescued the traveler, who is called Ned, and aided him in dispatching the remainder of Timett’s force. In frustration Timett yielded… hoping that the soft men of The Vale would spare him so that he may fight another day. Without warning Carsen executed him with his axe. This leaves his only son, also named Timett, to continue his legacy.


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