Tito Alfah

Scout and Freerider of House Jasper


An aging man with thinning brown hair and the mustache characteristic of the Norvoshi people. Wrinkes on his brow and beneath his eyes betray a sort of weathered weariness.

He is missing a chunk of the tip of his tongue, which he will proudly explain as being bitten off by a whore…after he called her a whore. He also has a jagged scar on his calf that he sustained after falling out of a window with his pants down when his lover’s husband came home.


His limited grasp of the common tongue makes it difficult to discern much of his history and character. He appears to function as a scout for the Joyful Few and appears self-assured in both martial and woods craft.

Following the complete destruction of the the Joyful Few mercenary company at the Battle of the Trident he has become sorrowful and prone to bouts of melancholy. After his captain’s death Lord Jasper extended an offer to Tito that he stay on as a scout and free-rider in service to House Jasper; he accepted.

He was a part of the expedition to Valyria in search of dragon eggs. The House Jasper expedition party encountered Laena shortly after their second landing on Valyria. Tito was able to act as a translator of sorts, but a difference of Valyrian dialect, combined with his rudimentary ability with the common tongue, made communication challenging. Laena was able to warn the travelers of vague dangers inland and urged them to stay near the sea… advice they did not heed. Days later, after the expedition had divided itself, the party was set upon by a strange band. Tito was pulled from his horse and killed in the ensuing melee.

Tito Alfah

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