An outcast from the Burned Men mountain clan


Ulf was once a Burned Man, though it is not clear which body part he burned off in their coming-of age-custom. He is a hairy man with shaggy brown hair and a long beard.


Ulf has been living as a hermit for several months and was hunting in the mountains south of Heart’s Home when he heard a group approaching. He attempted to hide behind a rock but several members spotted him and an old knight rode out to great him. After a few words were exchanged the knight rose away and it appeared violence had been avoided… then another man jumped from his horse and ran at Ulf armed with axe and shield. Ulf disarmed the aggressor, throwing his ax into the valley below, but was outnumbered (an old man, a young man, and a one-eyed man had followed). In questioning he revealed he was exiled from the Burned Men after a boy was killed in a raid on an unprotected farmstead as revenge for Timett’s death. Unbeknownst him that farm was Carsen’s. When Ulf brought his disapproval of the raid to the Red Hand he was given the choice of exile or losing his tongue… he chose exile. After sharing his tale Carsen took him captive, demanding that after other business had been seen to that Ulf lead them to the Burned Men’s encampment. However, his captors had other business to attend first. After being taken to the Paps as a captive Ulf broke free of his bonds during a skirmish and fled into the woods.


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