An Old Wandering Septon


Utt is an old man who walks with a limp with the help of a staff. His hooded cloak shields him from the elements as he travels from village to village. His arrival is often met with equal parts appreciation and trepidation. His traveling companion is Septa Olive.


Septon Utt and his companion Septa Olive traveled to the Fingers to build a sept in June of 287 AC. They selected a plot of land near Jasport that was not under the dominion of a local lord. After recrruiting a workforce, mostly young smallfolk, they went to work building. Work progressed for several weeks until house Jasper caught wind of it and a delegation, led by Ser Dolins and Gregoriy Al-Tem, put a stop to it by sending the workers (including Sage and Martin) back to their lives. Not all were against them though, Ser Darron seemed interested in supporting the effort and even spent most a day aiding the construction.

The pair returned with protection from the Iron Throne, by way of Jamie Lannister, in May of 288 AC. Though a man of faith, it was not beneath Utt to taunt Ser Dolins upon his return to the Fingers. When the construction restarted under the watchful eyes of the Lannister soldiers Utt was somewhat nervous around the lions, stepping on their toes. He also tried to ingratiate himself with Ser Darron Brewlan. The old Septon was assassinated by a disguised Ser Dolins in the dead of night as fires erupted in the workers’ encampment near the site of the sept, June of 288 AC.


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