Vesna Dorokhov

Right Hand to Gregoriy Al-Tem. Pronounced Vesh-na.


A middle aged woman in her 30s, she is notably described by a gashing scar on the right side of her face stemming from her mouth. She has long blonde hair, but shaven on the sides, being a former slave of Norvos, she is no stranger to the shaved hair of slave life. She wields dual battle axes crossed on her back, over her hides.


A slave from Birth, Vesna was born to her mother who was a servant to one of the bearded priests. However, when Vesna was 14, she had tried to escape servitude, but was found out before escaping and scarred on her right cheek as punishment. She was told that she should always have a smile on her face for serving the great Bearded Priests.

She eventually escaped and fled to the hills. It was there she had lived with a group of vagabonds, who included Samara Kulik, Joakim Uritsky, and Lina and Lena Mosin, other followers of the Order of the Darkwash. While with this collection of travelers, she was trained by Samara Kulik in axe fighting, similar to that of the slave soldiers. It is because of this that she also wields dual battle axes.

Vesna found Gregoriy when she was in her later 20s, she had seen him walking into the hills and caves near the Darkwash River, along with other separatist priests of the Theocracy of Norvos, including Yuri Lapin. Although being skeptical of aspects of Norvos, the reason of her slavery, she eventually became a believer in the religion of Norvos. Gregoriy had been kind to the collection of vagabonds in the hills, and had even performed miracles in her presence, most notable of which being the healing of Lina and Lena Mosin’s father, basically back from the dead. This was a powerful experience for Vesna and had her convinced she was in the presence of a prophet. She has served him ever since in the Order of the Darkwash and considered to be Gregoriy’s most trusted follower, along with Yuri Lapin.

As a result of her proximity to the more knowledgeable of the bearded priests growing up, Vesna has a vague knowledge of the common tongue, extremely vague knowledge…….

Vesna Dorokhov

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