Viktor Al-Tem

Captain of the "Joyful Few" sellsword Company


Viktor sports the long mustachio typical of the Norvoshi people; his is twisted at the ends. A young man, his skin is pale and his hazel eyes are his most striking feature… excepting the mustache of course.


With a more shrewd mind than most, Viktor’s ascent from common birth to sellsword company captain has been remarkable. At six-and-ten he joined the personal guard of of a Norvoshi magister. A wealthy, but aged and sickly man, the magister died during Viktor’s third year of service. Fate would have it that weeks before his last breath he elevated Viktor to captain of the guard. With their sponsor dead and few prospects the men were left with two choices: disband or become sellswords. As captain Viktor was quickly elected to lead the newly formed “Joyful Few”, which is an imperfect translation of their Valyrian name. For two years that followed the company roamed Essos, taking on small, undesirable, contracts whenever they could. In doing so Viktor developed a reputation for taking on difficult assignments. It seems his latest has been to land in Westeros to molest rebel holdings and forces.

Following the complete destruction of the the Joyful Few mercenary company at the Battle of the Trident he had become sorrowful and prone to bouts of melancholy. He did his duty, participating in the competition to become House Jasper’s master-at-arms. His poor performances in the first four contests only further soured his mood. He sought a private audience with Ser Carsen on the eve of the melee. The next morning he was killed by way of decapitation after charging Maelys in the opening moments of the fight.

Viktor Al-Tem

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