Debt collector


A bit heavy in his old age, Virgil hides his expanding belly with a faded crimson cloak, of the same hue that his cadre of horsemen wear. His trademark flamboyant traveler’s hat makes him easily distinguishable. His speech has a sing-song quality.


Near the end of 285 AC Virgil sought to collect from a debtor named Remus at an inn on the searoad. After a tense standoff, lasting an hour or two, Teddy and his companions produced Virgil’s quarry. Virgil let slip that The Duke would be please by their cooperation which piqued the travelers’ interest. They let it be known that they are familiar with The Duke and asked of his whereabouts. Virgil directed them to a manse on the west side of Lannisport’s central market. As he rode off with Remus slung across the back of his horse, Virgil said he would let The Duke know to expect them. The next day Calaila and Teddy saw him lounging on an overstuffed chair in the manse, having alerted The Duke to their visit as promised.


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