Walder "Clink" Rivers


The Frey’s are a large and ever-growing house. Through his many wives and progeny, the Frey clan is more numerous than even the family can keep track of. Then you throw in the numerous bastards from Walder himself and his many children and you have more than could scarcely be believed. Aenys Frey let things get away from him in a tavern one night as a young man and got a local bar maid with child. She made sure to let him know the son she had was his by naming him Walder, hoping to curry favor and bring herself with her son into the house.

And so, one of the many Walder Rivers came to be in the orbit of house Frey. While Walder was a good lad with aspirations to make his father proud as a knight. He trained obsessively with a variety of weapons but had a true knack for bludgeon weapons. He frequently trained with his massive cousin and fellow driven bastard Walder Rivers. With the same name and always being together in the practice yard, nicknames developed for the two; “Clink” and “Clank.” Now Clink is who this bio is about, and he embraced his name, boasting that it is the sound of enemies’ attacks bouncing off his shield.

When Clink came of Age in 276 his father Aenys acknowledged his skills by knighting him and giving him a basic set of weapons and armor. He encouraged Clink to stay with the house, train, and find station in the Riverlands. Clink took his cousin Clank on as a squire even though by that time Clank was bigger than him. The two thirsted for glory and marched to war in Robert rebellion. They fought in the streets during the battle of the bells with their countless hours practicing together allowing them to fight as if they were one. During the fighting it is said Clink slew Ser Brannyn Dunn and Ser Wyllam Greengood. They marched with the main host to the trident where the massive Clank earned his spurs when he killed 3 knights, Sers Carrel Graen, Daman Warrin, and Eddard Thorne. Clank killed Ser Thorne with a massive boulder he threw from the river, smashing the other knight from his horse and causing such gore that men stopped fighting to vomit. Ruby ford was named for where Rheagar died, the vomit eddy was named for where Clank crushed Eddard.

The two fought on together through the war and went back home after. They found life dull and lacking in the twins with things settled down. They thirsted for combat, for glory. With the realm in peace, they set their eyes on tournament prizes. Despite strong showings, the two didn’t place well and were low on funds. Not to be deterred from their goal, they sought the fingers where a small house had recently won a major archery contest and melee with a tiny pool of knights. There they would hopefully find glory.

Walder "Clink" Rivers

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